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Migraine Without Aura

Migraine Without Aura

December 10, 2021
Migraine Without Aura

Migraine without aura is the most common type of migraine. Aura is a warning sign of a migraine and a symptom that affects your sight. A migraine without aura does not show signs of an oncoming migraine attack.

Attacks of migraine without aura usually last between four hours and sometimes three days. If the treatment is ineffective, the symptoms will continue to worsen.  They could happen every few years or several times a week.

The Three Phases of Migraine without Aura

Tired woman in work
  1. The prodrome. It is known as pre-headache that occurs several hours before the full range migraine. It triggers food cravings, muscle stiffness, and mood swings.
  2. The headache phase. It is debilitating and may involve pain in the entire body.
  3. The postdrome. It makes you feel a hangover, weak, and drowsy.

Symptoms of Migraine Without Aura

  • Pain on one side of the head
  • Pulsing or throbbing pain
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain or discomfort

Menstrual Migraine

The relationship between migraines and women’s menstrual cycle is not fully understood. It appears that more than half of migraines in women occur before, during, or after their periods. Approximately half of the women with migraine during their period only experience pain during this period. Most have migraine headaches at other times of the month as well.

Causes and Risk Factors of Migraine without Aura

  • Bright or flashing lights
  • loud sounds
  • Strong smells
  • secondhand smoke
  • Sleep changes
  • Missing sleep or getting too much

Food and Medication that Triggers Migraine

migraine trigger food
Food and medicine
  • Cheese and chocolates
  • Red wine and alcoholic beverages
  • Citrus fruits
  • Avocados
  • Banana
  • Raisins and plums
  • Processed foods and artificial sweeteners
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Ice cream or other cold foods

Medications that triggers migraine includes:

  • Cimetidine
  • Birth control pills
  • Hormone therapy
  • Hydralazine
  • Nifedipine
  • Nitroglycerin
  • Reserpine

How to Diagnose Migraine without Aura?

Your doctor will assess your symptoms and medical history. Diagnostic tests include:

  • Magnetic resonance imaging. It uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to produce detailed images of the brain and blood vessels. It determines tumors, strokes, bleeding in the brain, infections, and other brain and nervous system conditions.
  • Computerized tomography scan. It uses a series of X-rays to create detailed cross-sectional images of the brain. It detects tumors, infections, brain damage, bleeding in the brain, and other medical problems that may be causing headaches.

Treatment for Migraine without Aura

Anti-migraine medications help relieve the severe pain due to migraine and it also prevents the future attack. You can have:

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