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Ivermectin is a remedy used for treating roundworm infections. This drug can also treat scabies, head lice, and river blindness. It can cause the death of parasitic organisms in human body. It works by killing the newly developed worms and by preventing the infections from spreading.

Generic : Stromectol
Active Ingredient's : Ivermectin
Brand : Ivecop
Manufacturer : INVDA, SHALAKS
Pack Size Strength Price  
10-pill-s 12 mg $25.00
20-pill-s 12 mg $50.00
30-pill-s 12 mg $75.00


Buying Ivermectin for Human?

Ivermectin works in treating a condition such as strongyloidiasis. It’s a disease caused by a roundworm. This drug is effective in treating this kind of condition. It improves the patient condition by killing the parasite. This drug is cheaper than buying its brand name. It’s available on our website for reasonable price.

How does Ivermectin work for human?

Ivermectin belongs to the anthelmintic group of drugs. It works by paralyzing and inactivating the gut of parasite in human. It stops the adult one from producing larvae. It kills the newly developed parasite and works to treat the infection. This medicine does not harm the human brain. There is a blood-brain barrier that blocks this medicine from reaching our brain. It only works to kill the parasite.

How to use Ivermectin for Human?

Consult your doctor before using Ivermectin. Tell your doctor all the information needed regarding your health. Inform your doctor if you have an allergy to this medicine. Follow the instruction carefully.

  • Take this drug as directed by your doctor. Do not take this if this not prescribed by your doctor. Always check the label and read for instruction. The drug comes in a tablet form that you need to take by mouth. Swallow the drug as a whole with a glass of water.
  • Take it 2 times per day or as recommended by your doctor. You may take the drug with or without food. Take it at the same time each day to avoid missing a dose. It is best to take this drug with food to avoid stomach upset. To gain the best results do not skip a dose.

What are the side effects of Ivermectin?

Ivecop may have some unwanted side effects such as:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • A cough
  • Dizziness
  • A headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Rashes
  • Constipation
  • Weakness

Inform your doctor right away if you experience this symptom. If you develop other side effects it’s better to visit your doctor. Seek for medical attention.

Warning and Precaution

  • Do not use this for a long term. It may increase your risk to other infection.
  • Do not just stop the medicine abruptly. Always consult your doctor regarding this thing.
  • Avoid using this drug if you’re allergic to its ingredient.
  • Some drugs may interact with this medicine. Inform your doctor if you’re taking other supplements.
  • If you develop an allergic reaction stop using this product.
  • Keep away this drug from the reach of children.

Additional information

Pack Size

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23 reviews for Buy Ivermectin

  1. Douglas Pennington


  2. Leo Simpson

    I had a scabies breakout on my legs and buttocks and some scarring had started. As time passes, I had stomach ache, and pain in my legs that I couldn’t walk well. According to a friend, this might be because of the toxins from the parasites that have entered my bloodstream. I then went to see a doctor and was prescribed with Ivermectin. After three days, I was almost relieved of my pain and was able to walk without assistance.

  3. Marilyn Arnold

    I had used permethrin cream multiple times for scabies with no improvement. I was then given Ivermectin and my skin started to clear up after just two doses. I didn’t feel any side effects. This really works.

  4. Christine Hickman

    I panic when I lose my sense of smell and taste as it is the most common symptom of COVID-19 but so I called up all my family to not visit me or meet as I am sure I have the virus. My mom was so worried when she heard the news but hours later my brother called me and recommend me to take Ivermectin. When I found someone recommend this site on Reddit I never hesitated to order. Thank you Trusted Medications Pharmacy!

  5. Dexter Gibson

    I’m a COVID survivor and I could really say that they use this medicine for COVID treatment. Although, I only had mild symptoms but I really believe that this medication really helped me in my recovery. Many countries and hospitals are already using them secretly. It’s just ridiculous to see doctors condemn this medicine when they in fact were using this. I’m thankful I found this site that still have it in stock. It was impossible acquiring this locally.

  6. Eloise Bell

    I have heard that they use Ivermectin for COVID in some countries and I decided to get my hands on them. I researched about it and I decided that it could be used to give yourself some protection from the virus. It was all a theory and conviction for me until the day that many of our staff in the office turned out positive including a close friend of mine while I turned out to have a negative result for the virus. There’s no other explanation than the fact that my difference with my workmates is that I take Ivermectin and they don’t.

  7. Karina Davis

    I’m a nurse who deal with covid patients and we do use them. I have personally given these meds to mild patients in our hospital. It was given as prescribed by the doctor. The thing is, despite its benefits and use. We cannot publicly support the medicine since CDC, WHO and FDA still does not approve the fact that it can be medically used for COVID treatments. If we do publicly support it, our licenses might get revoked. Perhaps it all boils down to having the big pharmas get a hold of the business first and overprice it as they have done with other medicines. It just makes me wonder how these awful people still exist in this world. Good thing I’m able to get supplies of this from this site for my family’s use. It’s way cheaper here. Thanks!

  8. Isaac Owen

    If you have the ability to source it, just buy them before word gets out more. I have been storing Ivermectin more and more. Me and my family had close encounter with people who turned out to be carriers and I believed that these medicines had always protected us. This medicine is slowly getting public attention. I expect that the prices for these medicines will soar as people discover this more. There are already some countries who are using it as a treatment for the covid virus.

  9. Yasmin Stone

    For more than 5 months, my daughter has been battling head lice which just returns after whatever treatment we tried. My daughter got depressed because of it and I finally brought her to the doctor which prescribed her with ivermectin. The lice started falling out the following day and the eggs can easily just be combed out. A week after, my daughter is lice free and this is back to her joyful self.

  10. Tyler Burns

    I got infected with scabies and tried topical creams to treat it. However, they weren’t effective. When I went to my doctor and was prescribed with Ivermectin, I was relieved to finally have a medicine that really works. On the second week, no more new bumps appeared and the rashes have started to subside. I had a slight dizziness after taking the medicine but it only lasted for about an hour. Now I’m finally scabies-free.

  11. Harley Wallace

    I just took this medicine a few days ago. No signs of any side effects so far. Took it because COVID has been killing people a lot in our place lately. One of them is a good friend of mine. That’s when I took COVID very seriously. I’m taking this once a day.

  12. Alfie Pearson

    I’m still in the queue for vaccination. Taking Ivermectin as of the moment. My sister’s a nurse and it’s just me and her in our lives. It was her who advised me to take these since there’s a big chance that she can bring COVID at home after working daily in the hospital. You can never be too safe, she says, and they have also been taking Ivermectin to protect themselves since they are the ones always exposed.

  13. Amelia Andrews

    Setting aside the pandemic, Seems like I’ve got scabies from my boyfriend. I noticed that I started getting the same rashes that he did. After having it checked with my doctor, it’s so disgusting that some mites are out here in my skin laying their eggs. I got some Ivermectin treatment and it seems like the itchiness has significantly diminished.

  14. Kobe Collier

    I got some mites on me which caused me rashes too before. I took Ivermectin for my treatment and it seems like it did it’s job well. My itchiness has gradually disappeared and I didn’t even noticed that it was totally gone in around a week. I got some extra stock of Ivermectin on hand. And I think it was a good thing after knowing that it could help with COVID. I ordered more now, whether it’s COVID or scabies. At least, I’m ready.

  15. Owen Ross

    My dog has some extreme tick problems that even anti parasitic shampoo can’t handle it. I have my personal stock of Ivermectin and gave it to my dog for a couple of days. And I saw a significant reduction to the number of ticks we catch than when we were just using the shampoo alone. Works well for some pet parasite problems.

  16. Ariah Daniels

    My little sister got some head lice and I’m starting to get some itch in my head. Taking some Ivermectin while using some anti parasitic shampoo. 3 days have gone, and I stopped catching any lice. Medication seems to be working.

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  18. Megan Sullivan

    I’m currently taking some for Covid protection. Too many people have already died from this never ending virus. I got a couple of family and friends who got taken away. You can never be too careful with yourself and family. I got a mild headache the first time I took it but after that, haven’t experienced any side effects so far.

  19. Mollie Davis

    It took some time but I finally got some Ivermectin from overseas. We’re all out of Ivermectin locally and I would be long away in the waiting list if I just settled to wait for its availability here. I didn’t buy this for COVID purposes but rather for my son’s lice problem. But if it’s true that this could help with COVID protection, then that’s a plus for me. This worked really well with some lice concerns before and I never thought that it would be hard to look for where to buy them during these times.

  20. Aryan Patel

    I’m currently in the US but I’m from India and so is my family who are still there. The use of Ivermectin has been totally accessible there and India is now slowly recovering from the spike in the COVID infection and deaths. They insisted that I should take them to protect myself. Better be safe than dead is what I say to those who try to discourage us from taking it.

  21. Amelie Brown

    Got some parasites on my cat. We tried to manually hunt for these lice and kill it but their numbers just keep coming back. I tried some shampoo we bought from the vet clinic. But it still does not 100% remove all the lice and we expect that it’s numbers will just come back after a couple of weeks. So we decided to mix some Ivermectin tablets with the catfood and my little Oscar is now all cleaned up. We have been checking her fur for a couple of days now. No signs of any remaining lice so far.

  22. Laila Klein

    We had some terrible outbreak of head lice. I had some anti parasitic shampoo. And it did kill some of the lice but they just won’t go away. They just keep coming back again and again for months. Just 2 days after taking these, I noticed that we are getting less and less lice and the itching was now totally gone which means that the lice are dying.

  23. Ben Martin

    I’ve got some scabies and my doctor got me some creams for treatment. It seems not to work until I started taking some Ivermectin. Itch starts to lighten up and the rashes are slowly disappearing. I wouldn’t be teased for looking like a walking zombie anymore.

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