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Herpex Cream (Acyclovir)

Herpex Cream (Acyclovir)


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Herpex Cream (Acyclovir) is an antiviral topical medication. It is used in treating infections caused by a herpes virus such as herpes zoster and chickenpox. The effect of this cream is higher if it is used as soon as symptoms appear.

Generic : Zovirax Cream
Active Ingredient's : Acyclovir
Brand : Herpex Cream
Manufacturer : Torrent Pharma
Pack SizeStrengthPrice 
6-tube-s 5 gm cream $54.00
3-tube-s 5 gm cream $30.00
1-tube-s 5 gm cream $10.00


Why buy Herpex Cream (Acyclovir) for viral infections?

Herpex Cream can treat a variety of viral infections such as:

  • Herpes Virus: Herpex Cream is being used in the treatment of a viral infection called herpes zoster. A viral infection caused by the herpes virus.
  • Genital Herpes: It is also effective in treating genital herpes. Genital herpes is a viral infection that is transmitted sexually.
  • Chickenpox: Herpex Cream is used in the treatment of chickenpox, a viral infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus.

Herpex Cream is available here at a very affordable price.

How does Herpex Cream (Acyclovir) work?

Herpex Cream contains Acyclovir as an active ingredient. It has antiviral medicine content. It is used for the treatment of illness caused by the Herpes Virus. It works by preventing the viral DNA fusion and reproduction by inhibiting the DNA polymerase enzyme.

How to use Herpex Cream (Acyclovir)?

Take Herpex cream with or without a meal. Do not take Herpex Cream in bigger prescription than advised. Seek for doctor’s opinion if any undesirable effects are occurring. Take a sufficient amount of water to lower the chance of kidney injury. Consult a physician before you stop taking the medicine. 

What are the side effects of Herpex Cream (Acyclovir)?

Some major and minor side effects for Herpex Cream are:

  • Inflammation and redness at the injection spot (severe)
  • Stomach pain (Severe)
  • Increased thirst (Severe)
  • Loss of craving (Severe)
  • Unusual tiredness and paleness (Severe)
  • Black and tarry stools (Severe and Rare)
  • Disease with chills (Severe and Rare)
  • Seizures (Severe and Rare)
  • Rare bleeding (Severe and Rare)
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain

Contact your doctor immediately if any of these indications are experienced on a regular basis.

Warnings and Precautions

Always be guided by the following warnings and precautions of the cream

  • This medicine is recommended for pregnant women.
  • Talk with your doctor about the possible benefits and risks.
  • Monitor undesired effects necessarily.

Herpex cream may lead to some illness:

  • Herpex Cream will increase the risk of kidney harm.
  • Do not take with medicine that also causes kidney injury.
  • Patients with severe kidney injury must always use Herpex Cream with caution.
  • Changes of dosage are must be based on the clinical situation.

Always consider and remember the following:

  • Discuss with your doctor the benefits and risks before taking.
  • Doctor’s prescription is needed before deciding to take this medicine.
  • Drink adequate amount of water to prevent collection of the medicine.
  • Use Herpex Cream with caution with the elderly population with kidney and liver injury.
  • Adjustments are to be made base on the present clinical condition.

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1 Tube/s, 3 Tube/s, 6 Tube/s


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