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TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium)

TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium)

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Teardrops 10ml is used to relieve dry and irritated eyes. It helps the eyes to protect from injury and infection. Eye lubricants keep the eye moist. It also helps to decrease the symptoms like:

  • Burning
  • Eye disorders
  • A feeling as if there is something in the eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Irritation of the eye
  • Soreness

Teardrop is a sterile ophthalmic solution. This is an advanced lubricating eye drop to provide protection and comfort for uncomfortable eyes.

Generic : TearDrops
Active Ingredient's : Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium
Brand : TearDrops-10mlBottle
Pack SizeStrengthPrice 
6-bottle-s 10mlBottle $54.00
3-bottle-s 10mlBottle $27.00
1-bottle-s 10mlBottle $9.00


Why buy TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium) for the eyes?

Teardrops 10ml bottle contains an active ingredient of Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium. It is a lubricant or thickening agent that is used in a lubricating eye drop. It gives temporary relief to the said symptoms. This medication is manufactured by Sun Pharma, India. You can buy this here at its lowest price.

How does TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium) work?

TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium) works by keeping the eye moist. It also creates artificial tears by forming a film across the surface of the eye. This medication consists of Carboxymethyl cellulose which contains an advanced blend of ocular lubricants. It gently hydrates the surface of the eye to comfort dry and irritated eyes.

How to use TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium)?

This medication is in the form of eye drop. This should be taken through an ocular route. Wash your hands first before using this to avoid infection. Do not touch the tip of the bottle or let it touch to your eye. Usually, this kind of medication is used as often as needed. Follow the instruction that is given to you by your doctor to avoid danger.

What are the side-effects of TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium)?

While using this medication, there may be side-effects that will occur like:

  • Diarrhea, Nausea, and vomiting
  • Dizziness, fever, and a headache
  • Eye pain, change in vision, and eye discharge
  • Eye fatigue, conjunctivitis, and persistent irritation
  • Lid margin crusting or stick sensation

Call to your doctor right away if these continue and if worsen. 

Warnings and Precautions 

  • Remove your contact lenses before using any eye lubricants.
  • Before using this medication, inform your doctor if you are allergic to it.
  • Do not share this with someone who has the same symptoms as yours.
  • Do not use this for any other diseases.
  • Consult a doctor if you feel uncomfortable after completing this medication.
  • Store at room temperature and do not freeze.

Additional information

Pack Size

1 Bottle/s, 3 Bottle/s, 6 Bottle/s

1 review for TearDrops 10ml Bottle (Carboxy methylcellulose Sodium)

  1. Kevin Martin

    I was diagnosed with pterygium and this eye drops work really well with my eye condition. My eyes just gets dry all the time because of the pterygium, and it gets painful and irritated. It’s even worse when I went to Dubai since the country is built on a dessert. This drops is good for easing pain in the eyes due to irritation.

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