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Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid)

Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid)


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Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid) is an antibacterial skin cream used for treating acne and severe hyperpigmentation. Given its antibacterial nature, Aziderm cream kills bacteria that cause rosacea or acne. Aziderm cream may also be used for treating androgenic alopecia (hair loss) in men and women.

Generic : Finacea Cream 10%
Active Ingredient's : Azelaic Acid
Brand : Aziderm Cream
Manufacturer : Vision (Micro)
Pack SizeStrengthPrice 
6-tube-s 10 % (15gm) $115.00
6-tube-s 20 % (15gm) $205.00
3-tube-s 20 % (15gm) $105.00
1-tube-s 20 % (15gm) $35.00
3-tube-s 10 % (15gm) $60.00
1-tube-s 10 % (15gm) $20.00


Why buy Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid) for acne and severe hyperpigmentation?

Aziderm cream is a cheaper antibacterial topical treatment for acne available in the market. Its active ingredient can effectively penetrate the skin where the bacteria inhibit. Aziderm cream is proven to be beneficial for other condition like alopecia. It has been investigated that the active ingredient helps promote hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

How does Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid) works?

Aziderm cream contains Azelaic acid as an active ingredient. Azelaic cream works by stopping the growth of bacteria in the skin cells that causes acne. Aziderm cream can stop the production of acme-promoting fatty acids of the Propionibacterium acnes. These actions unblock the oil glands so that the acne dries up. Aziderm cream has a keratolytic property that can stop the formation of keratinocytes, a thickened skin cells. The combined keratolytic and antibacterial properties of Aziderm cream prevents acne outburst and spreading.

How to use Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid)?

Apply Aziderm cream on the affected area two times a day preferably in the morning and before bedtime. Before applying, you need to clean the affected area with a mild soap and water. Apply a small amount and gently rub it on the skin. Do not cover the skin after application of the cream. Continue using Aziderm cream for the full course of the treatment.

What are the side effects of Aziderm Cream (Azelaic Acid)?

Aziderm cream may cause unwanted side effects like:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Tingling
  • Redness
  • Drying of the skin

You may experience some of the given side effects usually at the beginning of the treatment or if you have a sensitive skin.

Warning and precaution

There are few things that you need to be cautious when using Aziderm cream:

  • Do not take this medication by mouth.
  • Do not apply on open wounds, sun-burned and irritated skin.
  • Do not wash the treated area immediately after applying the cream.
  • Do not apply in excess amount or it may result to pilling. Apply only a thin a layer to avoid pilling.
  • Do not apply this medication near the eyes or getting this medication in your mouth or nose.

Additional information

Pack Size

1 Tube/s, 3 Tube/s, 6 Tube/s


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