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Use of Natural Remedies as an Alternative to Antibiotics

Use of Natural Remedies as an Alternative to Antibiotics

March 23, 2023
Use of Natural Remedies as an Alternative to Antibiotics

Prescription antibiotics have helped people to recover from otherwise fatal diseases and conditions since the 1940s. However, people are also turning to natural antibiotics for treatment. Antibiotics are used to kill or inhibit bacteria growth. Although you might think of antibiotics as modern medicine, they’ve been around for centuries. Like many of today’s antibiotics, the original antibiotics are derived from natural sources.

Can Honey Garlic And Oregano Oil Be Used Instead Of Antibiotics For Bacterial Infections?

healthy oregano plant under the sun

Garlic has strong antibacterial properties that work effectively against bacteria and prevent fungal infections. Evidence proves that the allium compound in garlic kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and effectively treats intestinal infections causing diarrhea. Doctors recommend eating two pods of garlic daily to combat various infections.

The presence of carvacrol in oregano has been shown to exhibit healing properties in the body when inhaled. Oregano essential oil is found to heal gastric ulcers, lowers inflammation, and can clear sinus infections. Apply oregano oil topically over the skin to cure skin infections.

Plant extracts, essential oils, and certain foods possess natural antibiotic characteristics that have the power to treat health issues. Some food sources and extracts can even avert the growth of bacteria in food. Herbs also work as effective antibiotics.

How Do Natural Remedies Work To Treat Bacterial Infections?

Antibiotics are commonly used in the treatment of bacterial infections. But because of abuse and incorrect usage today, many bacteria have become resistant to these drugs. Moreover, many antibiotics also come with side effects that can sometimes damage organs like the liver and kidneys. Therefore, many people today look for natural alternatives to these drugs. Luckily, many home remedies and foods work as natural antibiotics. So, instead of going for medications, you can add these foods to your daily diet to be safe from many bacterial infections. These can prevent bacterial infections and help you fight to invade pathogens if you are already infected. These natural antibiotics will bring down inflammation and increase the presence of good, protective bacteria. So, here are some home remedies that work as natural antibiotics.

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  • Ginger. It is one of the best antibacterial and anti-inflammatory foods you can find. It contains gingerol, terpenoids, shogaol, zerumbone, and zingerone and powerful flavonoids with antimicrobial properties. It can help you fight many strains of bacteria effectively.
  • Onion. These are rich sources of therapeutic sulfur compounds called cysteine sulphoxides, besides containing flavonoids with amazing antibiotic effects.
  • Manuka Honey. All honey is good for fighting pathogens. But Manuka honey is more potent than other varieties. This honey is native to New Zealand. It has excellent antibiotic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and is used even in treating MRSA. But it must not be given to infants. It can even inhibit multiple drug-resistant pathogens.

Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects To Using Natural Remedies Instead Of Antibiotics?

Antibiotic drugs work in a few key ways:

  • By inhibiting bacterial replication
  • By damaging components of the bacteria, like cell walls, that allow them to protect themselves
  • By destroying the bacteria

Natural antibiotics may work similarly, but it’s essential to understand whether they’ll be effective for your particular infection before using them as treatment.

Even if you want to treat something with a natural antimicrobial agent, you still need to work with your doctor to avoid interactions and ensure that the remedy you use is adequate for your infection. No scientific studies have shown that any of the supplements mentioned in this article can treat or prevent infection in humans, so none of these should ever be used in place of the antibiotic or treatment plan suggested by your doctor.

One of the best prescriptions used to treat bacterial infection may include:

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