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How to Prevent Migraine Attack?

How to Prevent Migraine Attack?

June 7, 2022
How to Prevent Migraine Attack?

Taking enough rest is one way to prevent a migraine attack. A migraine is a headache that can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on one side of the head. It’s often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Medication is a proven way to treat and prevents migraines. It is also important to take good care of yourself and understand how to cope with migraine pain when it strikes.

Symptoms of Migraine Attack

Migraine Attack
  • Seeing black dots, wavy lines, or flashes of right
  • Not able to see at all or having tunnel vision
  • Have tingling or numbness on one side of your body
  • Not being able to speak clearly
  • Pain is usually on one side of your head, but often on both sides
  • Pain that throbs or pulses
  • Sensitivity to light, sound, and sometimes smell and touch
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Have a heavy feeling in your arms and legs
  • Notice changes in smell, taste, or touch

How to Prevent A Migraine Attack?

  • At the first sign of a migraine, take a break and step away from whatever you’re doing if possible.
  • Relax in a dark, quiet room.  Migraines often increase sensitivity to light and sound take a nap if you can.
  • Try temperature therapy by applying hot or cold compresses to your head or neck. Ice packs have a numbing effect, which may dull the sensation of pain. Warm showers or baths may have a similar effect.
  • Drink a caffeinated beverage to relieve migraine pain in the early stages or enhance it. Be careful, however as drinking too much caffeine too often can lead to withdrawal headaches later on.
  • Establish regular sleep hours. Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day even on weekends.
  • Minimize distractions. Save your bedroom for sleep and avoid watching television or taking work materials to bed.
  • Be consistent and don’t skip meals. Eat at about the same time every day.
  • Keeping track of the foods you eat and when you experience migraines can help identify potential food triggers.

Rizatriptan to Treat and Prevent Migraine Attack

Rizatriptan is prescribed for patients suffering from a migraine. It has an ingredient that helps relieves the symptoms of a headache. It also prevents the attack of a migraine from becoming worse. It works by narrowing the blood vessels in the brain. It stops the signal of pain from sending into the brain. Rizatriptan also works by blocking the symptoms of a migraine, pain, and nausea.

Migraine treatment is aimed at stopping symptoms and preventing future attacks. Medications used to relieve migraine pain works best when taken at the first sign of an oncoming migraine as soon as signs and symptoms of a migraine begin. Seek immediate help if symptoms persist or if the migraine interferes with your everyday activities.

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