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January 4, 2021

Clopidrogel is an antiplatelet medicine mostly recommended by doctors used to prevent blood clots. This is a blood thinner medication that makes your blood flow through your veins more easily. Taking Clopidrogel helps prevent blood clots if you have an increased risk of having them especially if you have had;

  • Unstable angina
  • Heart attack
  • Mini stroke or stroke
  • Peripheral arterial disease
  • Coronary stent insertion

The FDA has approved this prescription in 1997 for use along with or without aspirin. This medicine works by preventing adenosine diphosphate from binding its receptors on platelets. As Clopidrogel stops adenosine diphosphate from binding to platelets, it decreases the likelihood of clots forming in the blood. Blood clots can be dangerous because it can block the blood supply to an organ, a blockage in the arteries supplying blood to the heart might cause a stroke or heart attack. This antiplatelet medicine helps keep blood flowing smoothly in your body.

When and How to Use Clopidrogel?

  • Before you start treatment with Clopidrogel, read the information given by the manufacturer to know the possible side-effects which you may experience.
  • Take the medicine exactly as prescribed by a doctor. Your doctor will likely prescribe you one tablet of 75 mg Clopidogrel to take every day.
  • You can take the medicine at whatever time of day you find easiest to remember.
  • You can take your doses either before or after a meal.
  • Take your doses at the same time and in the same way each day. Most people prefer to take it in the morning, as they find this helps them to remember to take it regularly.
  • If you were unable to take a dose, take it as soon as you recall. If you do not remember until more than 12 hours after the time dose should have been taken then skip the forgotten dose. Do not take two doses at the same time to catch up for a missed dose.

Possible Side Effects of Clopidrogel

Common side effects:

  • Indigestion or heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Bleeding more easily than normal
  • Bruising more easily
  • Bleeding that takes longer to stop

Serious side effects:

  • You feel very tired or have signs of infections
  • Sore throat
  • Your skin or the whites of your eyes turn yellow that might be a sign of a liver problem
  • You are coughing up blood
  • There’s blood in your vomit, pee, or poo

If any of these side effects persist, call your doctor or call for emergency medical help right away.

What should I know before taking Clopidrogel?  

  • Clopidrogel is not usually given to pregnant or breastfeeding women. If you are trying to get pregnant or already pregnant, discuss with your doctor about the possible harm of taking the drug.
  • You can take paracetamol along with this medicine. However, you ask your doctor before taking certain medications.
  • You can as well take other indigestion medicine at the same time with Clopidrogel.
  • Take note that there could be a problem with taking certain herbal supplements and remedies with this drug especially those that might affect your blood.
  • Some medications might not be suitable for people with certain medical concerns and sometimes the drug can only be used if extra care is taken. For these reasons, before taking Clopidrogel you need to tell your doctor if you have liver problems, a condition that causes bleeding, or you have recently had injury or surgery.
  • Let your doctor know if you have any allergies especially with this drug.
  • You should not stop taking Clopidrogel without consulting your doctor. Stopping suddenly the treatment might raise your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

Getting the Best Result from Clopidrogel

  • Give your best to keep all your regular appointments with your doctor to monitor your progress.
  • Before taking any medications, check with your pharmacist if the medicine is safe for you to take. You must not take any prescriptions that have aspirin or any anti-inflammatory painkiller unless your doctor has told you otherwise. These types of drugs may increase the risk of bleeding when they are taken with Clopidogrel. Several cases of flu and cold medications contain ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • If you are due to have dental treatment or operation, inform the person carrying out the treatment that you are taking this medicine. It is possible that any bleeding may take longer than normal to stop.
  • While you are on this treatment, it may take longer than usual to stop bleeding if you cut yourself. If this occurs and you find it hard to stop the bleeding, call your doctor. Furthermore, if you notice any unusual bleeding, tell your doctor immediately.

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