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Vegepa Chewables

Vegepa Chewables


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Vegepa Chewables is a brain and heart supplement. It contains Omega-3 EPA, omega-6 GLA, organic evening primrose oil and vitamin C. Vegepa Chewables comes in an orange flavor that provides the necessary nutrients for optimal brain function, attention and concentration. Vegepa Chewables also help support a healthy cardiovascular system and a healthy cell function.

Generic : Vegepa Chewables
Active Ingredient's : Natural product
Brand : Vegepa Chewables
Manufacturer : Igennus, United Kingdom
Pack SizeStrengthPrice 
60-capsules $19.80


Why use Vegepa Chewables?

Vegepa Chewables has a high concentration of ultra-pure EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 GLA. These nutrients are vital for heart and brain health. Vegepa Chewables is sugar-free and naturally sweetened with xylitol and flavored with sweet orange oil. It has no artificial color and preservatives. It is extracted from sustainable marine anchovies. It is patented and clinically proven to be safe and effective to use by both children and adults. You can buy Vegepa Chewables here at a very reasonable price.

How does Vegepa Chewables work?

Vegepa Chewables contains the following ingredients:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids– It’s incredibly important for the body and brain. These are healthy fats derived from wild anchovy fish oil known to improved cardiovascular health.
  • Omega 6 fats– are crucial for a healthy cell membrane. It also plays a crucial role in brain function and normal growth and development.
  • Evening primrose oil– It’s extracted from the seed of evening primrose. It is used for several skin disorders, high cholesterol, arthritis and several other health issues.
  • Vitamin C– It promotes a normal function of the immune and nervous system.

How to use Vegepa Chewables?

The recommended dose for Vegepa Chewables:

Adults: 4 to 6 Chewables a day (Not to exceed 8 chewables in 24 hours)

Children (two to eight): 2 to 4 Chewables a day (Not to exceed 6 chewables in 24 hours)

What are the side effects of Vegepa Chewables?

Vegepa Chewables may cause unwanted side effects like:

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60 Capsules


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