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Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash 50ml

Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash 50ml


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Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash is an herbal formulation face wash. Lemon Foaming face wash is known in India. This controls various conditions in facial skin. This is a soap-free product that is naturally made. This is used alone or in combination with certain products for the skin.

Brand : Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash 50 ml
Manufacturer : Himalaya, India
Pack SizeStrengthPrice 
5-bottle-s 50 ml $67.50
3-bottle-s 50 ml $40.50
1-bottle-s 50 ml $13.50


Why use Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash?

The lemon foam face wash is used to cleanse the face. This is used for the control of oils in the skin. It gives nourishment and freshness to the skin. This is also used to give moist to dry skin. Thus, gives an instant glow in the facial skin. It is also used to remove dark spots in the face. This will give satisfaction in your skin. It is used to give moisture to the skin. Lemon foaming face wash is a good product that is used by many. This is available in packs and strengths. Lemon Foaming face wash is $2.20.

How does Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash work?

This herbal formulation gently cleanses the face. It works by removing excess oil. This is made from lemon and honey. It has a cooling agent that gives freshness to the skin. It works by cleaning deeply in the skin and targets dark spots. Its property moisturizes skin without feeling stretched. Lemon foaming wash also controls the oil in the face. It fights against bacteria and leaves a younger look.

How to use Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash?

Wash your face with water. Drop the exact amount of the facial foam in your hand. Rub it until it creates foam. Apply it on your face in an upward direction. Apply it gently in the facial skin. Wash it off with clean water and pat it dry. Wash your hands thoroughly after using.  Do not apply it on open wounds and burns. Do not apply this to the surroundings of the eye. In case of eye contact, wash it with clean water.

What are the side effects of Oil Control Lemon Foaming Face Wash?

There are no reported severe side effects of Lemon foaming face wash. Peeling and redness will come in a case to case basis. However, these side effects do not come all at once. In case of persistent side effects inform your doctor right away. This is not the complete list of its side effects.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Do not stay on the sun for a longer period if you are using this product
  • Discontinue using in case of allergic reactions
  • Keep this away from heat and reach of children
  • This product is for external use only
  • Do not use this if you have other skin infections in the skin

Additional information

Pack Size

1 Bottle/s, 3 Bottle/s, 5 Bottle/s 


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