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Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod)

Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod)

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Monocef 1gm is an anti-bacterial medication in injection form. It is used to treat varieties of health conditions caused by bacteria. However, Monocef 1 gm does not treat viral diseases such as common colds.   Do not use Monocef if you are having calcium-containing solutions.

Generic : Rocephin
Active Ingredient's : Ceftriaxone Sod
Brand : Monocef-1gm
Pack SizeStrengthPrice 
6-injection 1gm $60.00
3-injection 1gm $39.00
1-injection 1gm $15.00


Why buy Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod)?

Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod) is an effective medication for the infections of ear, skin, pelvic and bones. It is also given to patients with urinary tract infections, pneumonia and bacterial meningitis. Monocef may also be used for situations that are not stated here. Monocef 1 gm is available here in various pack size. You can buy Monocef 1 gm injection here at a very affordable price.

How does Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod) work?

Monocef 1gm contains Ceftriaxone Sod as its active ingredient. It works by killing the bacteria. Monocef 1 gm inhibits the outer wall of the bacteria and stops the formation. Thus, causes damage to the bacterial cell. Monocef works by fighting the bacteria’s present in your body. It also reduces the risk of preoperative bacterial infections. Monocef kills the sexually spread bacteria. The onset of action of Monocef 1 gm is fast. The medicine will stay live in the body for 24 hours.

How to use Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod)?

Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod) is given through injection once or twice a day depending on the condition. The doctor will be the one to do the injection. Drink plenty of water if you are receiving Monocef. Throw the solution if you can see any color. Continue using Monocef as long as you are allowed. Make sure not to have more or less dosage than what is set.

What are the side effects of Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod)?

Do not get alarmed of the side effects that are in the list below. Most of it does not come very often. The major and minor side effects of Monocef 1 gm injection are:

  • Tarry or black tools, dizziness
  • Fever, chest pain, diarrhea
  • Painful urination, abdominal pain
  • Change in taste, sour or acid stomach

Tell your doctor right away if you experience severe side effects. This list is for information purposes only.

Warnings and Precautions

Don’t take Monocef 1 gm if you are nursing a baby or pregnant. Make sure to know all the steps needed if you are using this at home.

  • Keep a complete record of all the medications you are taking
  • Follow the storage condition that is in the product package
  • Stop receiving this medicine if you experience allergic reactions
  • Store this in a room away from the reach of children

Additional information

Pack Size

1 Injection, 3 Injection, 6 Injection

1 review for Monocef 1gm (Ceftriaxone Sod)

  1. Jodie Rose

    I regularly get Urinary Tract Infections and one of the worst one made me get confined to a hospital. It made me urinate a lot and it was very painful. The pain even persisted even when I’m not urinating. Even my abdomen and my back are in extreme pain. I was started on ceftriaxone and my condition started to improve on the second day. But I had to complete my antibiotic therapy for a week even when I’m feeling better. Nowadays, I just keep stock of this medicine at home so that if my UTI becomes too painful, my neighbor who knows how to give IV medications could just administer it to me for a week without me having to stay in the hospital the entire time.

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