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Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid)

Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid)

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Kojic Cream consists of 25gm of Ascorbic acid and Kojic. It is mainly used for the prevention of various skin disorders. Kojic Cream has anti-bacterial property. It has anti-oxidant that is effective for skin disorders. Kojic cream cures hyperpigmentation of the skin. Hyperpigmentation is a dark color in the skin. This is caused by the excess melanin. Kojic is available in various packs and forms. Do not use this if you have severe skin infections.

Generic : Kojic
Active Ingredient's : Kojic and Ascorbic acid
Brand : KojicCream-25gmCream
Pack SizeStrengthPrice 
6-tube-s-2 25gmCream $60.06
3-tube-s 25gmCream $30.03
1-tube-s 25gmCream $10.01


Why buy Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid)?

Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid) is mainly used for skin lightening. Kojic cream also limits the free radicals. Free radicals are the cause of damaged skin cells. It has anti-bacterial properties. Kojic Cream is used to expose shiny and lightened skin. Kojic cream is used for treating chronic skin disorders. This is also being used for vitamin deficiency. Kojic Cream is available here for $10.01.

How does Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid) work?

Kojic Cream interferes with the production of melanin. It responds to the effects of free radicals. Free radicals cause oxidative damage to the skin cells. Kojic cream also helps in preventing the signs of aging. The Kojic Cream interferes with the process of bacterial cells to reproduce. This also acts in the anti-bacterial agent and kill those bacteria. Kojic cream lowers the production of melanin in the skin. It erases spots and restores the beauty of the skin.

How to use Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid)?

The usage of this cream depends on many factors. The affected area and condition are also part of the factors. Stick to this cream as advised. Do not use more amount than what is set. Wash the affected area with mild soap and lukewarm water. Pat dry and apply the cream lightly. This cream is applied to the affected area. Rub the cream gently until it is solved completely. The use of this cream depends on the severity of the condition of the skin. Do not stop the treatment in the midway. Complete the treatment duration for best results.

What are the side effects of Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid)?

Be watchful of the side effects of the cream. Stop using if any of the following occur:

  • Severe Skin irritation, Bumps
  • Red rash, Pain and blisters
  • Itching, Dryness and Red patches

Consult a dermatologist or a doctor in case of severe side effects. This is not the whole list of the side effects of the cream.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Kojic Cream is not applicable for the use of babies and children
  • Store this cream in a cool dry place away from heat or moisture
  • Keep the cream away from the reach of Children
  • In case of allergic reactions, ask for medical help or stop using the cream

Additional information

Pack Size

1 Tube/s, 3 Tube/s, 6 Tube/s

1 review for Kojic Cream 25gm (Kojic and Ascorbic acid)

  1. Amelia Williams

    This effectively lightened my scars with continuous use. It’s acid so expect some mild peeling. It’s a good sign though, it means you’re saying goodbye to your old scarred, dead, skin and you’re in for a new one. Not recommending to use them if you’re going out on a beach any time soon since your skin will be sensitive to prolonged sun exposure. If you plan on going, you could stop the cream a few days before your beach day and just resume once your sun exposure is no longer too much.

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