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Alvesco 160mcg (Ciclesonide)

Alvesco 160mcg (Ciclesonide)

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Alvesco (Ciclesonide) is from the set of drugs known as a corticosteroid. This is a treatment for asthma. However, this medicine does not give immediate relief to asthma. Do not use this if asthma has already started. Alvesco is for long-term relief. This can also be used along with other drugs for asthma. This medicine is available in various forms.  Alvesco is not for those who have allergies of the content. The side effects of this medicine depend on one person to the other.

Generic : Alvesco
Active Ingredient's : Ciclesonide
Brand : Alvesco
Manufacturer : Nycomed,UK
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Why buy Alvesco 160mcg (Ciclesonide)?

Alvesco is used by adults 6 years and above. This is mainly given to asthma symptoms. It lowers the shortness of breath. Alvesco also stops wheezing. If asthma is controlled, you can be able to go on your day. If asthma has occurred, you may use a quick inhaler. The doctor may suggest other uses of this medicine. Alvesco 160mcg is available here for $75.08.

How does Alvesco 160mcg work?

Ciclesonide is the main content of this drug. Alvesco works by preventing asthma attacks. It lowers inflammation in the lungs. Alvesco opens the airways and gives easier breathing. This medicine works in 24 hours. It will take 1 to 2 weeks to see the benefit of the drug. The working of this medicine depends on the patient’s condition. Avoid smoking and alcoholic drinks. It may hinder the action of this medicine.

How to use Alvesco 160mcg?

This is used as per prescription. The dosage is based on the severity of the condition. Alvesco is used as long as the treatment period is not yet over. However, the use of this medicine does not allow double dosing. This is used through an inhaler. Clean the mouthpiece before and after using. Your doctor will give you the recommended puffs. Use this in the time and duration that is set by the doctor. Using this medicine does not depend on food timing. Consult your doctor before you stop using this medicine.

What are the side effects of Alvesco 160mcg?

Do not be alarmed by the side effects that are listed below. They do not come very often. The side effects are:

    • Irritated throat, bad taste, headache
  • Hoarseness of voice, coughing, blurry vision
  • Muscle pain, weight gain, frequent urination
  • Allergic reactions such as itching and rash

This is not the complete list of the side effects of Alvesco. In case of persistent side effects, tell your doctor right away.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Tell your doctor if you have a history of tuberculosis or infections
  • Do not use this if you have eye, kidney and liver problems
  • Store this medicine in a cool dry place
  • Keep this away from the reach of children

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1 review for Alvesco 160mcg (Ciclesonide)

  1. Amber Elliott

    Alvesco is one of the best thing that has ever been created. I’ve had regular asthma attacks since childhood. Tried countless of inhaler but always had to take them together with oral medications for it to be effective. After 18 years of having to deal with it using multiple medications, I haven’t had any asthma attack for a year since I took Alvesco alone. I just take 1 puff of it and that was enough.

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