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Breastfeeding Position

Breastfeeding Position

August 2, 2022
Breastfeeding Position

Breastfeeding positions has no specific requirements on what is right or wrong way but, it is essential to know which position is comfortable for the baby and the mother. If you are a new mom, you can try several breastfeeding positions and choose which way you are comfortable with. Note that breastfeeding takes time and practice but, it will help you build a bond with your baby. You can breastfeed lying down, sitting up, or even standing.

What are the Common Breastfeeding Positions?

  1. The laid-back nursing position. The laid-back breastfeeding position is biologically nurturing. It is often the first mom’s try that can work well, especially for newborn babies. The laid-back position promotes skin-to-skin contact and stimulates feeding instincts.
  2. Cradle hold. This is the classic position when it comes to breastfeeding. In a tummy-to-mummy position, you sit upright with your baby on one side, with the baby’s head and neck positioned along your forearm, and the baby’s body against your stomach. As a newborn, it can be difficult to hold your baby in this position because it doesn’t give them as much support as some other positions.
  3. Double-rugby ball hold. It is a great breastfeeding position for twins. It helps you feed them all together while having your hands relatively free. You may also need special breastfeeding pillows for newborn twins for support.
  4. Cross cradle hold. In this breastfeeding position, you support your baby around his neck and shoulders so that he can tilt his head before latching. Newborns and small babies with latching difficulties can also benefit from this breastfeeding position. You can use your free hand to shape your breasts because your baby is fully supported on your opposite arm.
  5. The rugby ball hold. In this position, you sit with your baby resting along your forearm. With his feet facing the back of the chair, or wherever you are sitting, his body tucks alongside your side. It provides good control and a good view of your baby’s face, so it is another helpful early nursing position.
  6. Side-lying position. When breastfeeding in bed or on the sofa, side-lying is ideal for relaxed night feeds. If you have had a cesarean or stitches, side-lying can also be more comfortable than sitting. You and your baby need to lie on your sides next to one another, belly-to-belly.
  7. Nursing in a sling. This is convenient when going out or doing a chore. Nursing in a sling is applicable only when the baby can hold his head up. You can breastfeed in all sorts of slings, including stretchy wraps, slings, rings, and front carriers.

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